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Some detailed info about tool

The instant-gratification era imposes great pressure on online shops. Hence, the #1 challenge for modern e-commerce businesses is competition with experienced market players and large marketplaces which are able to spend million-dollar budgets every month for performance improvements and UI/UX research. They know that every second of delay in page loading can cost them a customer. Even if small e-commerce companies specialize in a narrow niche or satisfy unique customer demands, they must consider high speed and performance level as equally vital under current market conditions

Who We Are

Whidegroup is a Ukrainian IT company specializing in consulting, design, development and support services. As an e-commerce focused
team, we have worked with numerous online stores to optimize their performance and have tested various methods to achieve this.
Such testing has allowed us to distinguish the most important factors which influence an e-commerce website’s speed, and develop
an effective approach for quick, efficient, and reliable performance optimization.

About Tool

Storalyze is an analytics tool tailored especially for small and mid-size e-commerce websites, whose main focus is simply to let these companies compete successfully with market giants. This tool examines the store’s main pages and analyzes speed characteristics of key factors which influence conversion from an e-commerce perspective.

  1. The idea was born at Websummit 2017

    November 8th, 2017

    The Whidegroup team visits Websummit 2017 to learn more about modern tendencies in technologies, internet, and e-commerce. Inspired by the variety of startups, speakers and exhibitors, we formulate an idea for our own unique product - A tool that tests the performance of e-commerce websites and delivers valuable recommendations regarding available possibilities to increase sales. For nearly 4 years we have been improving clients' websites resulting in better performance, conversion rates, and customer loyalty. We realize now is the time to roll all of our experience into one universal tool.

  2. Researches are finished. The world needs our tool!

    March 20th, 2018

    14 conversations with e-commerce business owners and digital agencies, 94 hours of research by business analysts, and 2 weekends of hard work behind us reveal: There is no such tool on the market! We've aimed to build a tool that will be extremely useful for small and medium e-commerce businesses looking to improve their results. The overall backlog and plan is scheduled till October 2018, including integration of several external benchmarks and related services. Our aim is to build a tool with a free version, which will give many useful insights to the e-commerce manager. We will make the paid version available at a later date, with an eye towards keeping it affordable to all levels of online stores.

  3. Storalyze! We will call it Storalyze.

    June 1st, 2018

    Since the very beginning, the internal name of the tool was Product Y. (Just because we needed to name a project in the ticketing system, yaknow?) On the 1st of June we start to do final testing on the tool and finally give it a name - Storalyze. The alpha version is ready to be demonstrated to the public. Hundreds of hours for development, design, marketing researches, and growth plans culminate into a visible result. Storalyze is ready to go. Entire Whidegroup team has contributed to the factors selection and formulation. We have brought all our e-commerce optimization experience to Storalyze, with the goal to simplify and accelerate the process of improving your e-commerce website.

  4. The beta demonstration at Websummit 2018 is already scheduled!

    November 6th, 2018

    In between these two large events, we need to make this tool a fully functional live performance tracking system for our clients. The key approach is that we will offer a suitable subscription for stores that have between 1 order per day and 1000 orders per day. Too much commitment with a subscription? No worries - We will also offer a short testing period option for a one-time payment to eliminate the most poignant issues of your e-commerce venture. Sounds promising, right?

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